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Welcome to U:Equestrian!

Have you ever felt lost in the great, big equestrian world?

Look no further! U:Equestrian is the place to find helpful information (for any equestrian).

Don't need more information? That's okay, too! Hang out with me and listen to my silly stories as I navigate the great big world of horses!

The U in U:Equestrian is who I write for:
  • Unique: Any equestrian who is looking to stand out from the crowd!
  • University: I'm just finishing up my first year, and my stories will relate to any college equestrian!
  • U: YOU! Anyone can learn from U:Equestrian.
My OTTB, Beau and I
My name is Emma, and that handsome boy in the picture above is my Off-Track-Thoroughbred, Beau. I've been riding around 6 years, and competing for 5. Out of those years, I rode eventing for 3 and hunters for 2. That included a year of Interscholastic Equestrian Association (IEA) and multiple years in Tri-State Area Pony Clubs. My love of horses gave me a reason to study and research all I could into the horse world. Now, I work on both disciplines, primarily with my hunters coach and secondarily with my eventing coach. Beau is quite a greenie, so we have plenty of fun stories to share!
SO Shiny!
My goal is to share the information I've needed through the years in a collected format. In addition, I'm hoping to share my stories, from the funniest to the deepest tales. The best part of the equestrian world is the community that can be found anywhere in the world. My hope is that this blog will connect equestrians everyone and that they will find me and each other as guides. Please feel free to contact me!

I hope you find U:Equestrian helpful in all your equestrian endeavors!


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