Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Easter Break Ride Recap: Crazy Thursday

Last week I had my last break of the school year for Easter, a 5 day weekend. I rode 3 days of the break and went to the barn for another day to watch and take pictures of my dad and Beau. It was certainly an interesting weekend!

Gotta rep for South Farm
My ride on Thursday was all about gaining confidence again, as I hadn't ridden in quite a while. We rode inside, as it was off and on raining and chillier than I wanted.

As I was grooming him, he was kicking the tack stall walls, pawing and generally misbehaving, so I decided to take him down to the indoor arena and lunge him to get all his wiggles out. On the way down he went full racehorse mode, jogging beside me and spooking at random times. Once I got him down to the arena, I had barely clipped on the lunge line when he exploded out away from me (thankfully he knows better than to run towards me). I let him run around for a while until he calmed down. 

I opened the door to take him back up to tack up and guess who decided to spook again? My lovely idiot. At least I think I figured out what was making him grumpy, as there was a water spout that was going full blast on side of the barn. I let him graze as I turned it off to turn it into a good experience, then took him back to tack up!

Before I tacked, I borrowed a drill from the guy who was working on the water pipes to desensitize Beau, who did well with it (I just let him smell it and let him get accustomed to the sound). After I walked him back down to the arena, I lunged him again (he did well) and popped on.

Our ride was all about letting me get confident on his crazy butt again, which means I did a lot of walking, serpentines, and bending. After I was comfortable at the walk (probably about 15-20 minutes), I took him up to the trot, did a bunch of bending and serpentines, and discovered that he was going very well! I finished with a very small amount of nice canter and was happy with that!

I also popped out to the tack store near us to pick up tack cleaner, sponges, and a lunge line. Our lunge line had apparently snapped (how??), and I like having a colorful, cotton lunge line that I can see in the arena dust. Our tack was disgusting, as I hadn't cleaned it in months so I needed some sponges to do that and I spotted the Lexol 3-in-1, which I wanted to try (let me know if you want a review!). 

Ride crazy ponies, smile, and have fun!


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