Thursday, March 30, 2017

Tips to Conquer a Non-Equestrian University

If you've gone through your process to pick a college for you, you may have decided to attend a university without an equestrian club or team. First, I have to tell you, if horses are your life, I don't recommend this. Below you'll find my tips to surviving life without horses!

Misty is a school horse for the club I started in college.
First, be open to trying new things.
Go to as many introductory meetings as you can. You can always narrow down what you want to focus on later, but going to the meetings will give you options and introduce you to plenty of people.

Second, find something to focus on.
Going to the barn probably takes up a lot of time at home. Finding a club or activity to work on will help fill the time and (again) help you meet people.

Third, workout or play sports. 
When you do go back home, you're going to want to ride. This means staying in shape is important. Take time out of your week to go to the gym or form an intermural team and play a game, whether it be basketball, soccer, or whatever you choose! (Plus, you want that summer body!)
Bring an attention-getting Soccer Ball like this one to kick around with friends:

Four, focus on your schoolwork.
This should really go without saying. You're attending that college to learn, hopefully, because it was the best for your education. Excelling at school may increase chances of scholarships, which gives you more money for ponies! (If your parents are paying/helping to pay for school, make sure to thank them!)

Five, find a good group of friends.
In college, your friends are your life. You go to class together, eat together, and have fun together! Finding a good group of friends will keep you happy and motivated. (Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa Envelopes and a good Disney movie, Tangled has the best horse, obviously, is my favorite way to hang out!

If you really can't find a niche at a school without horses, you can always start your own equestrian club. You can look forward to a blog post about how I started my college's equestrian team in the future!

Go (School Mascot), smile, and have fun!


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