Friday, March 17, 2017

The Beginners Guide: What to Wear to Your First Hunter Show?

You're going to your first show! Congratulations!

As exciting as this time is, I'm sure there are plenty of nerves and plenty to remember. Below you will find my piece-by-piece outfit for your first hunter show. Be sure to always listen to your coach, as he or she may have different opinions on show turnout (the way you look) than I do!

From Head to Toe:
Each category contains a cheap (first link) and more expensive (second link) option.

Helmet: You must have a Black helmet. This can be a regular black helmet or your lesson helmet with a black cover. Two of my favorites are the Ovation Deluxe Schooler or the Charles Owen JR8.
Shirt: I recommend a long sleeve shirt any time you show. If it is cold, it will keep you warmer; if it is hot, jackets may be waved in which case a long sleeve is much more appropriate. Two of my favorites are the Devon Aire Nouvelle or the Tailored Sportsman IceFil Show Shirt.
Tailored Sportsman
Jacket: The hunters prefer a navy or patterned black jacket. This is something you should try on in a store to get the proper fit. There is a very wide range of prices, fit, and colors. Two of my favorites are the Horseware Competition Jacket (washable!) or the R.J. Classics Basic Coat (one of the most well known brands for jackets).
Breeches: Hunters use Tan Knee-Patch breeches only. Two of my favorites are the TuffRider Pull-Ons or the Kerrits Crossover Knee Patches (one my favorites!).
Belt: Your belt should match the color of your boots. Black is traditional for both. Any plain black belt will do, but the Tory Bit Belt and the Tailored Sportsman C Belt are both very popular options.
Socks: Most equestrians prefer knee high boot socks. Two of the best are Ovation Zocks or Noble Outfitters Peddies.
Noble Outfitters
Boots: There are two options for hunters, but both should be black.
Paddock Boots AND Half Chaps: TuffRider Starter Boots and Dublin Easy Care II Half Chaps (Cheap) or Ariat Scout Boots and Ariat Breeze Half Chaps (Expensive)
Dublin Half Chaps with Paddock Boots
Tall Boots: Ovation Flex Field Boots or Ariat Heritage Contour Field Boots
As always, the most important piece of an outfit is a Smile! Have FUN!


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