Sunday, March 19, 2017

How to: Keep Cool in the Summer Heat

Summer rides can be hot and sweaty, but they don't have to be a hot mess. Keep an eye out for more articles on surviving the summer!
  • Healthy Snacks from AQHA
    Any time at the barn should be accompanied by energy-filled snacks to replenish the massive amounts of energy we burn at the barn. In the summer, this is even more important, as we sweat even more easily.
  • Water Bottle from ShopSouthMagnolia
    Not only is a water bottle necessary for the hot months, this bottle is so cute (it's monogramed and sparkly!).
  • The Tailored Sportsman IceFil Shirt
    Sun shirts are great for summer. The long sleeves are used to protect from UV light and are heavily ventilated to help keep rider's cool.

  • Kerrits Flow Rise Performance
    These are my favorite breeches for the warmer months. They're lightweight, easy to move in, and come in cute colors (search around, they exist)!
  • EcoGold Secure XC Saddle Pad
    This saddle pad is marketed as "100% breathable" and I agree with that wholeheartedly. They don't move, wick away moisture, and look fantastic.
  • Majyk Equipe Color Elite XC Boots
    These boots are the number one boots for top eventers for a reason. They're lightweight, breathable, and even have rip-stop material!
Stay cool, smile, and have fun!


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