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38 Answers to "What is the Best Part of Owning an OTTB?"

On one of my favorite Facebook groups, OTTB Connect, I asked the question "What is the Best Part of Owning an OTTB?" I was wonderfully surprised at the answers I got. You'll see in the answers below that the most repeated answer is Heart, and that is a gift in of itself. Enjoy!
  1. I like getting to know them. Their character and how each is different. Discovering their personality traits one by one over time.
  2. Knowing that a horse that was forced to work very hard for human sport, entertainment, and financial gain is able to spend the rest of his life being of value just for being a horse.
  3. They will give you their heart into everything you ask of them. And here's a photo of mine, his name is TJ. 
  4. I love the fact they have had so many experiences...some things need ironing out..but my horse just trys so hard for me when i ride her..they have a lot of heart..the handling these horses have in their previous life can be a blessing..but can also be on the other end of the stick and be a hinderance that must be worked out what ever issues they might have from their previous life..i am enjoying the journey with my girl..i am sure you will too with your horse
  5. They are so willing to please you.... they have the best mentality
  6. I love how much heart they have, and I love how fast they can go!
  7. Mine tries so hard every ride and she's smart. Once she knows what you want, she will be more than happy to do it when asked. Just wants to please. I feel safe on her. She's doesn't have a mean trick in her book when we are riding. I know not all ottbs are super calm, but I lucked out.
  8. Heart!!! I had two TB's 17 years ago and recently (Valentine's day) united with my third. All three had/have so much heart!! A farrier once told me . . When adopting a horse there is no finer than a OTTB as they come complete with a will to work, a want to win and millions of dollars of handling put into them. I have seen and agree with this. But there is something more as well . . I just can't put it into words.
  9. Having an OTTB as a first horse for me has been a very educational experience and adventure. I've also really enjoyed how much of a cuddle-bug he is and how willing he is to try new things.
  10. I love building the bond with them. Ottb's are so unique and special. I like working towards a common goal and celebrating when we reach it. Here is me and my guy Driver.
  11.  The adventures!
  12. I love being able to see into their past, looking up their bloodlines and seeing who they stem from, also seeing their old racing videos as well as photos and seeing the different tracks they have been too. Also I just love OTTBS because of their personality and how sensitive they are, my guy was going to be put down after being "wild and dangerous" and he has come a long way. Also love the bond I have with him he 10000% knows who his momma is  
  13. Their intelligence is unmatched in my book, they learn and retain lessons. And their die hard commitment to their person. That's probably my favorite part.This is Whistle Dixie, my 6th OTTB and second kill pen rescue. I've only had her for about 2 week and she already runs to me when I get there. My last OTTB, whom I lost earlier in the year, used to follow me stall to stall while I mucked. I absolutely adore this breed, I'll never own anything else!
  14.  The bond with them is incredible - and they will give you 150% all the time. These are my two - the one on the right is off the track, the other is JC registered but never raced.
  15. Seeing him transform from this awkward gangly racehorse, into a balanced OTTB
    Getting to know his quirks, and being able to break down his barriers to become a better team.

  16. She is brave and athletic and likes to go forward!
  17. My own was only 3 with no ground manners, after years he is a joy. Only 5 starts so at least he is sound and happy.
  18. Every one agrees....OTTB horses are all HEART... and are awesome horses to give that second chance to,they have so much time and money invested into them before they retire from the track,more so than your average riding horse,that is something you normally pay heaps for in training,yet you can get one of these horses for sometimes for free like my girl was,or for very little money, my horse cost 76 thousand dollars at the Magic Millions when she was sold as a youngster,I am still gob smacked I how much she was once worth to buy,but in saying that...she is priceless to me,and has her forever home!
  19. The spunk and quirks of my horse. He also learns differently than other horses, so you really see his individual personality. He'll do anything for me and is a complete goofball. Even at 22 years old, he makes it clear that he still wants to work.
  20. Having this supportive community to turn to when I need advice!
  21. I love looking at Pi's pedigree and being able to see moments of racing history even though he was a flop on the track. His intelligence and courage are amazing and knowing that he and I have such a strong bond makes me want another OTTB some day. His full name is Mundo Pirate.
  22. I love the energy my OTTB gives me and the way we connect with eachother! I've never felt a bond so strong between me and another animal or person for that matter! She brightens my day always, I know if I'm having a bad day a visit with her will completely change it around this is Estella
  23. I love the versatility and heart of the OTTB. My gelding Sully has always been game for whatever I've asked of him - trick or treating through residential neighborhoods, jumping off Prelim level drops at age 5, galloping up rocky, steep hills on a three hour trail ride -- even riding around with my wedding dress blowing in the breeze. I've never questioned at an event whether I will have "any horse left" at the end of XC because I know he will try his guts out to get us back safely and on time. He would do anything for me, and I only hope he knows I will do the same!!
  24. She took my heart the very first time I saw her. All 18.0 hands of her. I love that she trusts me to take care of her. Even though she couldn't breathe and was a bleeder on the track, she still gave 150%. She never gave up. Her name is Hoosier Jack Pot
  25. I love how much my OTTB has taught me I learn something from him everyday it has been wonderful for us to learn together during his re training! I also love his personality he is so sweet and patient at times but also has a fiery side to his personality!
  26. That connection from the start. My once in a lifetime horse! Matter of Fact
  27. Versatility, work ethic, and heart they love their person with their all. Just ask the girls that used to own my mare. She was clearly meant to be with me Raf's Society Girl (Sadie) my favorite pic of us below :)
  28. His personality and just everything about him is amazing. this is my nearly 12 year old ottb max aka point zero eight. He loves his jub so so much and i love him. He also loves to smile for pictures as you can see. lol
  29. I love his desire to please/work/move and how when my kids are around him his demeanor is soft and forgiving.😊Sumbas Rocket aka Jo
  30. The heart and fire.... the drive to be the best at anything they do. And the way they can go from a freight train to allowing my 9yr old to hack them around. (And yes I know I look like a total goof in the pic. I just love the look on our faces. We were both going for it..) 
  31. I love how intelligent they are. My trainer can get on my OTTB Time For Wine aka Phantom and jump over 3'. I can hop on him and jump 2'6" then he turns around and can teach my children how to ride and do leadline classes! He is the best, and most versatile horse I've ever had the pleasure to know and love!! He behaves completely different with all levels of riders. He just KNOWS when it's the kids and takes care of them! My heart horse for life 
  32. I love my OTTB, for his sweet and kind personality, and for always stepping up to the plate when I need him to.💝 one picture really isn't enough to describe how amazing he really and truly is, my Cherokee is really one in a million, and I love him for that! 
  33. I love my OTTBS because they have a heart of gold. They will give you their 110 percent. To go out an have a racing career and then be able to totally be retrained to go on am excel in any discipline out there is beyond remarkable. Here is a picture of my current OTTB Winsome Willie aka Win. He has got me through some hard times in life after losing my heart horse Auto Pilot aka Pow however I learned to keep pushing forward and never give up regardless of what life throws at you. Whether it is illness or loss of a loved one, etc...we all need to have a heart like a Thoroughbred.
  34. Sherlock is my first OTTB. I love the link to history he represents, the little claim to fame when I mention Smarty Jones. But it's the love I appreciate the most. This is a half-blind horse who has clearly been in some wrecks. But he comes running when he hears my voice, carrots or no carrots, and he is game to try everything he's pointed at, as long as I say it's safe. 
  35. Mine have been so smart when they're in trouble. One hooked his shoe to a wire fence and stood patiently waiting for us to find him. Same one fell in a trailer accident and held perfectly still--hanging by his neck and head--till help came. My current 4-year-old got twisted up in long-reining-gone-wrong, with the reins wrapped around his legs in a nightmare mess (he spun) and froze until he was untwisted. Neither of these were quiet horses, but they've got such good brains under pressure! 
  36. The look in her eyes, and the spunky attitude. This pic was taken last year during devastating strangles outbreak . Thailand proved her strength,love and determination. Lucky to have her💜💜🙏🙏 
  37. My 2 ottb chestnut is my 13yr old gelding and the big bay is my 5yr old mare
  38.  My answer would be long and complicated, but you can check out my post 10 Reasons to Try an OTTB for a slight look into my love of the breed! Below is my baby, Beau!
Hug your OTTB, smile, and have fun!


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