Saturday, March 18, 2017

Grooming Kit Essentials for Any Rider

A rider's grooming kit is the most important part of daily life. It contains the tools to keep your horse clean, healthy, and happy (especially when used in conjunction with the products in my Top 5 Care Products for Horse Lovers). Below you'll find my favorite go-tos for keeping Beau at his best!

Hoof Pick: This Oster Hoof Pick is study and easy to hold. Many people prefer hoof picks with brushes like this one, but they tend to dig into my hand. Personal preference!
Curry Comb: Jelly scrubbers are the best. They're soft on sensitive (read: thoroughbred) skin, easy to hold, and work incredibly well.
Tail Tamers
Medium Brush: I love this Winner's Circle brush. It's not too soft, not too hard.
Winner's Circle
Finishing Brush: I find the Wahl finishing brush is super soft and the long length makes it a breeze to use. Goat hair brushes are also super nice for finishing touches.
Mane & Tail Brush: Again, the Oster brush is perfect for this. The round brush head and sturdy but flexible bristles make detangling super easy.
Want to buy it all at once?
The Oster Groom Kit is a great option for buying all the tools in one go. It is on the pricey side($59.95), but you get plenty of high quality tools in it!
Oster Kit
Use your elbow grease, smile, and have fun!


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