Friday, March 17, 2017

The Beginners Guide: What to Wear to Your First Clinic?

Clinics are an exciting way to get your horse out, learn from a great teacher, meet new people, and gain new skills. They are great for people who want to go off property but don't want the stress of a show.

Below you will find my piece-by-piece outfit for a clinic - but be sure to listen to your coach, as her opinions may be different than mine.

From Head to Toe:

Helmet: You must wear a helmet at jumping clinics and at most English clinics. My two favorites are the Ovation Deluxe Schooler or the Charles Owen JR8.
Shirt: Polos are great for clinics. They should be clean, traditional colors (white, black, hunter green, navy). Tredstep has adorable polos!
Breeches: These should be traditional colors as well (tan, black, grey, or navy). I love my Kerrits Knee Patches.
Belt: If your breeches have belt loops, you should wear a belt. Traditional black or brown leather ones are great, as well as C4 Belts for a pop of color.
C4 Belts
Boots: Wear what you're comfortable in. Most clinicians won't care whether you're in tall boots or paddock boots and half chaps. These Ariat tall boots have lasted me years in great shape! TuffRider Paddock Boots and Dublin Half Chaps go well together.
Gloves: Many hunter clinicians think gloves are necessary. Bring a simple black pair like these SSG ones just in case!
As always, the most important piece of any outfit is a Smile! Have FUN!


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