Thursday, March 23, 2017

Back to My "Greenie" Roots

I learned to ride on "green" horses. I know, it's weird. The saying Green + Green Makes Black and Blue is so true, and I've taken my share of falls. And yet, I somehow maintain my love of green horses!
Norman was more spunky than green.
Yesterday I had my first ride in Maryland with my college in about a month. Previously, I'd been riding a lovely Hanoverian named Portia (former 2* horse!). She's a lot of fun, and she's steady so I can work on my position.

Princess Portia
However, Portia was ridden by another girl, and I had the privilege of riding an adorable little grey OTTB named Misty.

She was not easy. I had to focus on her, not me. She liked to test me.

And I absolutely LOVED it!

I love a challenge; I love to see progress throughout a ride. At the beginning of the ride, she was runny, unbalanced, and avoiding contact. By the end, she was listening, much quieter, and accepting the bit (mostly).

The point is: everyone has a special type of horse. Mine happens to be green!

What's your "type?" Let me know!

Go green, smile, and have fun!


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