Saturday, March 18, 2017

10 YouTube Channels Every Equestrian Will Love

YouTube is a great resource. There is so much information, as well as entertainment, to be found in the equestrian piece of YouTube. Below are 5 of the best channels that I've found!

Madison Ritsch
An eventer, pony clubber, and all-around super sweet girl, Madison fills her channel with the perfect mix of riding videos and talking videos with helpful information for anyone!

Nicole Equestrian
Nicole is a newer channel for me, but her real-life honesty and wonderful personality made her an instant hit for me. Her channel is fun and relatable!

Two in Tailoreds
Courtney and Breanne's channel was popular from the very beginning. As the twins are older for YouTube, they bring real world experience and professionalism that make them great for anyone! 

Holly Lenahan
This girl is so ridiculously sweet! Her vlogs are fun to watch and her jumping level makes her a great riding inspiration. Her channel is mainly vlogs and riding videos.

Jill is best known for running over Boyd Martin, but her videos have been entertaining a large audience long before that incident. Her personality is super funny, and I love to watch her videos!

Tiff Clark
Tiff is extremely relatable. Her horse is similar to my own, and I enjoy watching their adventures together! Her channel is mainly vlogs and riding videos.

Maya is one of the original group of YouTubers I started watching. Her videos have progressed into mainly riding videos and vlogs, but there are plenty of talking videos to be found on her channel.

Marina Avalon
Marina is an awesome eventer, pony clubber, and great vlogger. Her videos are fun to watch, and I especially recommend the Pony Club Championships ones!

Talicia Beardsmore
Talicia is a sweet girl with an eye for business. Her mare and colt (unrelated) constantly keep her in adventures that are so much fun to watch!

Hannah Lucy
Hannah is at the bottom of the list purely because she isn't posting as much. If you like watching massive hauls and giant collections, Hannah is the girl for you!

Bonus: My YouTube channel is Emma K. for those who are interested!

Be inspired, smile, and have fun!


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