Saturday, March 18, 2017

5 Best Horse Products for Any Horse Lover

Congratulations! You're a horse lover! Maybe it's been two weeks or 20 years, but you've taken the leap to care for a huge animal. That animal needs a lot of are. Here are my top 5 horse products for any horse lover:

Thoroughbred = cuts. This works so well to quicken the process!
The Herbal Horse products are magic and not only do they work extremely well, they smell so good! Beau had a bad scrape all over his hind leg and this totally healed it within a few weeks! Note: try to keep it in a warm place so it stays soft.
Beau's Christmas Day "Gift" to Us!
Cowboy Magic Mane and Tail Rosewater Shampoo
This stuff smells SO good!
Cowboy Magic is my favorite for bath time! The rosewater makes the horses smell amazing, and combined with their conditioner, Beau's coat stays healthy and shiny!
Combined with diet and elbow grease, this makes any horse shine!
ShowSheen should be in every competing rider's toolkit. It works well, and it's been proven to work well for years for top riders.
Absorbine Hooflex Natural
This keeps Beau's OTTB feet healthy and strong!
Hooflex has been a staple in my tack trunk for years. Their new natural formula is easy to apply, clear, and better for their hooves. It's worked well for many of my OTTB's feet in the past.
Absorbine Veterinary Liniment
This is great for after a hard workout or show!
Absorbine's liniment is my favorite for helping Beau's muscles get some relief. I tend to use liniment after shows when Beau's worked hard for a long time. I can feel it on my hands as I apply it, and that helps me to be certain that the liniment works.

Give these products a try, smile, and have fun!


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